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There are four basic ways FixWrite can help both business and school clients.

1. Improve Your Basic Pieces and…

PencilMail or e-mail your letters, shorter documents, reports, newsletters, and presentations (corporate) and papers, projects, college essays, and term papers (students) to FixWrite. You’ll receive three hard copy items back:

  • Your original draft redlined; you’ll learn a lot about the fundamentals of good writing;
  • A complimentary style sheet;
  • A freshly typed draft which reflects FixWrite’s form and content suggestions for a better piece.

Guaranteed turnaround time is seventy-two hours; twenty-four and forty-eight hour turnaround is available. Your invoice will arrive with your finished product.

…Enhance Your More Important Material

Mail more elaborate or involved material to FixWrite. Manuals, longer reports, presentations, speeches, and brochure material will typically travel from your site to ours and back again by hard copy. With FixWrite’s review, editing, and proofreading expertise these will improve grammatically, thematically, and stylistically. We’ll pretty much negotiate turnaround time with you on more elaborate, involved work, but we’ll work as hard as we can to give you basic seventy-two hour service and even shorter depending upon circumstances. Send your copy to us; you’ll get it back better than it was.

Perhaps of most importance today, let us look at your Web content before you post it. FixWrite will improve both the form and content of your message.

2. Develop Your Written Material for You

ComputerAfter we get a good idea of who you are and what your message needs to be, we can write and develop drafts for you. This service involves being your partner from concept to what, in fact, goes to press. We can draft your important speech, work up your written or spoken message, or outline and construct your major presentations.

By the way, development work is available only at the corporate or administrative levels, not for students. For students, we offer important editing and proofreading opportunities. We are your partner, not your writer.

3. Consult with You

HandshakeOn-site consultations are, of course, available but probably should be scheduled to coincide with something one of our consultants can actually do – work on your pieces, work with your people – while there. This can conserve cost, particularly for out of town clients. Regardless, we are always available to come to you and discuss your mission and message, get a feel for who you really are, review your work, and make suggestions for improvement. Contact us.

4. Teach and Train Your People to Be Better Writers

Class StudentsAt either the corporate or the academic level, if leadership figures model Effective Writing Practices, everyone else will improve.

FixWrite’s on-site Seminars are your firm’s or school’s best opportunities for your management team, your faculty, or your staff and students to develop competence with the essential Principles of Effective Writing, Parts I and II. FixWrite’s consultants are available to come to you and help your executives and staff better manage your firm’s all-important writing function or better enable your faculty and staff to model the function for the students at your school. Upper level students themselves will benefit from these important presentations.

Our three Seminars are titled:

Eluding the Tragic

This seminar, Part I of the Principles of Effective Writing, is subtitled Everyone will admire your competence as a writer. This is a day-long do and learn session available for management, administrators, and/or staff and students with a promise to make all in attendance much improved fundamental writers. Participants will learn the solid Seven Principles that apply to competence in writing form. A twenty-three page workbook and reference and study guide accompanies the presentation.


I. The Sentence: Complete, Correct, and Coherent
II. Solving Agreement Problems
III. Using Modifiers Effectively
IV. Punctuation and Mechanics Applications
V. Understanding Usage
VI. Case Problems and Solutions
VII. Avoiding Spelling Errors

Supplying the Magic –

Part II of The Principles of Effective Writing is subtitled Everyone wants to write like you. This presentation, also a do and learn session with accompanying workbook and reference and study guide, deals more with good content of writing than with the emphasis on form in Part I. Participants will learn the essential Four Principles that apply to truly effective messaging. Making your writing fresh and original and, most importantly, making it appeal to your readers’ senses are the two primary outcome objectives. This presentation is essential for everyone whose writing needs to be more – much more – than just what’s on paper.


I. Writing Effective Sentences

  • Construction
  • Variety
  • Combining
  • Subordination and Coordination
  • Emphasis
  • Conciseness

II. Consistency in Composition

  • Agreement
  • Tense of Verbs
  • Voice of Verbs

III. Unifying Elements in Writing

IV. Creating Memorable Images

The Ten Things Good Writers Do

Our most comprehensive presentation, The Ten Things Good Writers Do offers participants the opportunity to take a ten-step journey to good writing. A thirty-seven page learning and resource workbook accompanies the presentation.

  1. Keep It Real
  2. Keep It Active
  3. Keep It Agreeable
  4. Keep It Varied
  5. Keep It Right
  6. Keep It Descriptive
  7. Keep It Appealing
  8. Keep It Alive
  9. Keep It Clean
  10. Keep It Write

FixWrite can also develop a tailored seminar or workshop to fit your firm’s or school’s special needs.

Our experience has been that each of these information based approaches communicates very well with most adult and secondary school audiences, but Supplying the Magic will challenge your people to think in the abstract to appeal to the place where readers really get your message, through their senses rather than through just a data-oriented process.

Through a variety of multiple services, FixWrite can help everyone at your company or institution become a better writer. Remember, You are what you write.

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