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Q. What can FixWrite do for my company?

PenA. You, and your company, are what you write; this is a simple truth. Companies that are competent are companies that people do business with. Your company’s competence is demonstrated in your material and in your communications. Remember what they say about first impressions? Your material is your company’s first, and ongoing, impression of competence, so people trust you if they read competence. FixWrite can make your material demonstrate competence and earn trust.

Q. Why can’t our own people model this competence?

A. Maybe they can – maybe. Do you enjoy the luxury of having a competent, experienced wordsmith on your staff. Even if you do, why pay just a wordsmith or separate him or her from your core business for any length of time? You and your people become free to conduct your business while FixWrite contributes its expertise to maintaining your company’s image of competence in your industry.

Q. Is partnering with FixWrite a form of outsourcing?

Woman with LaptopA. Of course it is. Outsourcing, in concept, allows a company to do what it does best and lets outside vendors contribute their expertise to efforts not associated with the firm’s core business. The consultants at FixWrite are uniquely qualified and experienced to improve all of your operation’s writing efforts. By partnering with FixWrite, your management and staff do what they are competent with; FixWrite contributes its competence to better model yours to your stakeholders and your market.

Q. Why partner with FixWrite?

A. Two words – competence and experience. FixWrite offers many services that will make your company better, better practices inside the house and better image outside the house. Among other problems, misused words and wording, poorly or loosely conceived, developed, and edited reports, presentations, brochures, and marketing materials that don’t really communicate or don’t really project who and what you are become costly in too many ways. FixWrite can make anything you put into the marketplace, as well as your internal communication, a better, more effective piece – better form, better content.

Q. What about our staff level people? Can they be trained to “up the intellectual quotient in our shop”, to better contribute to the overall competence we wish to demonstrate?

A. This is actually one of the things that FixWrite does best. You would not believe the morale boost and its consequent productivity jump if your people feel that you’re helping them improve their life and living skills. Our consultants are available to come to your office or operation to put on in-house seminars, stock or tailored, for your executives, your line managers, or your staff. FixWrite’s two seminars, Eluding the Tragic and Supplying the Magic, are excellent teaching tools for everyone in your business to improve as writers and better model your firm’s writing function.

Q. We’re an academic institution. Shouldn’t our people be inherently competent to model effective writing habits for our students and our community?

Student WritingA. Unfortunately, probably not, at least not well enough. Why? Because good writing has become a little bit of a lost art; some say it’s losing the battle to technology – as Colonel Kurtz said, “…the horror.” But students, like everybody else, are recognized by what they write, and modeling the writing function in an academic setting is the responsibility of everyone, from the Principal, to the Dean of Students, to the Guidance Counselor, to the math and science teachers, to anyone else who has frequent contact with your precious product, the students. Education is all about creating confidence; students who have confidence in you will develop better confidence in themselves. Also, to your stakeholders, an academic institution is held to the highest intellectual standards, and poor presentation of any written material seriously erodes its stature.

Send all your materials – everything from your school’s newsletter copy to your student publications’ copy – to FixWrite and you’ll get back improvements that best support your position as an academic institution.

Also, a consultant at FixWrite can come to your school and put on an in-service presentation for your faculty and staff. FixWrite can offer one or both of its seminars, Avoiding the Tragic or Supplying the Magic, or tailor a presentation for your school’s unique needs. Afterwards you’ll all be better equipped to understand your students’ writing challenges and better model the overall composition function for them.

Q. I’m a student. How can FixWrite help me become a better writer?

Woman with LaptopA. FixWrite can help you become a better writer by editing and proofreading your school papers, term papers, reports, projects, and college application essays. Along the way, you will learn more about what to do and what not to do to become a better writer, both from a form and a content standpoint. When you send a draft to FixWrite, you will receive a red-lined copy of your original, a freshly typed re-write with suggestions for improvement, and a complimentary style sheet.

Please note that FixWrite does no “original” work for students, but we can help you become a better writer and make better grades.

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