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Snail Mail – It’s probably faster and more efficient than most of us realize.

This is most likely our best bet for receiving and sending more elaborate material like reports, longer presentations, brochure and web copy, etc.

Send your work or inquiry to:

P. O. Box 236
Decatur, GA 30031

E-mail – Actually, you can e-mail anything, particularly if there’s more urgency involved.

Send your message or inquiry and attach your draft to:

In either case, our guaranteed turnaround is seventy-two hours, and we can negotiate for twenty-four or forty-eight hour return if necessary.

In either case – you’ll receive in return:

• Your original work with a bunch of red ink on it;
• A complimentary style sheet;
• A freshly typed draft reflecting FixWrite’s suggestions for improved form and content;
• And, oh yeah, an invoice.

…or we’ll come to you.

Call – You will receive a live answer or a quick response from a FixWrite consultant. Call to inquire about FixWrite services or schedule consultations or seminars. You’ll be glad you did.

(404) 861-6866

Regardless of how you contact or partner with FixWrite, you and yours will be better writers, produce better work, and develop both confidence and competence as written communicators. You are what you write.

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Your source for all your writing needs and your solution for all your writing problems.