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PenEveryone needs to be a better writer. For both businesses and schools– management, administration, and staff – too much is at stake; namely credibility, effective modeling of the writing function, and appropriate messaging. For students, even more hangs in the balance of good writing; namely better grades, intellectual development, and, for high schoolers, college acceptance.

FixWrite does just what it says, fixes your writing. The experienced consultants at FixWrite are uniquely qualified and experienced to improve both the form and content of your written work.

For the executive, the administrator, staff and students, YOU ARE WHAT YOU WRITE. FixWrite can make your writing better through a variety of services, from basic editing and proofreading, through development and consultation, to education in the form of day-long seminars to show you and yours how to be better writers.

For our business partners…

Pen Paper KeyboardPeople do business with people they trust, and people trust competence. Yours is demonstrated through what you write. While people can’t always recognize what’s right, they’re conditioned to notice what’s wrong.

A fundamental question here is, “What constitutes good, effective writing?” The answer is, for you, your firm, or your institution, “There’s too much at stake not to consult experts and let them show you.”

Investment is inherent to the whole concept of business. Invest in the best possible way for your company or your school to present itself to your stakeholders, your prospect base, or, for the academic community, your students. Your investment in FixWrite will have a positive return.

For our school and student partners…

Pen and PaperEveryone in administration and on the faculty should be equipped to effectively model the writing function for staff and students alike. FixWrite can help you do this in a variety of ways.

Students certainly understand the value of good writing, from good grades to college acceptance. FixWrite will help you be a better writer by taking your words, your draft, and making them better.

For both…

Send us your work. It will come back with much better form and content than what we received, and you will learn a lot more about good writing in the process.

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Your source for all your writing needs and your solution for all your writing problems.